Rosin Tech Hydraulic H - Frame 12 Ton™

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The Rosin Tech Series Hydraulic H-Frame 12 Ton™ Rosin Press is built for our commercial producers. 

Operate the hydraulic force manually or connect to an air compressor to speed up and improve your control over each press. 

Preferred Bag Sizes: 1.75'' x 5'' Bags | 1.75'' x 8'' Bags 

Recommended Accessories: Large Pre-Press Mold

Rosin Tech Hydraulic H - Frame 12 Ton™ Rosin Press Features

  • Pressure: 12 Tons of fully adjustable air over hydraulic pressure;

  • 2" x 9" Stainless Steel Dual Heating Plates;

  • Even heat distribution with micro processor precision temperature gauge;

  • Digital Automatic Timer for keeping consistent press lengths;

  • Dual two-hand control operation;

  • Temperature Range: 0° - 482º F;

  • Emergency Stop Button;

  • Electrical Specifications: 110 Volts | 800 Watts | 7.3 Amps
  • Shipping Dimensions: 27 inches by 16 inches by 34 inches; Weight 148 lbs
  • RTP Operating Manual Included


Rosin Press Return & Warranty Policy: No returns on any sales are permitted, all presses now come with a one year warranty, which begins upon product delivery. During that time we will supply parts free of charge, for anything that breaks. If the press is damaged beyond repair and requires a return, we will cover the cost of shipping and send out a new machine.