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3-Tier Garden Starter Grow Light Kit

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Tiered T5 Lighting
3 Tier
T5 Complete Fixtures
Gardener's Supply

Save with our 3-Tier Garden Starter® Grow Lights Kit — Includes Organic Seed Starting Supplies!

  • Save compared to buying individual products
  • Our SunLite® Garden is guaranteed to produce superior plants
  • Rugged aluminum frame has three 4’ long, wide-body fixtures, each with two T5 grow lights
  • Electronic ballasts eliminate any annoying buzzing
  • 3 shelves give you 12 sq. ft. of growing space
  • Includes self-watering seed starters, organic seed starting mix, power strip and more!

Enjoy the fun — and savings — of starting your own organic plants from seed! This kit has everything you need to grow plants indoors, all at a great price. It includes our Standard 3-Tier SunLite Garden, two 24-Cell GrowEase Seed Starter Kits, 24 wooden seedling markers, a power strip with timer and 6 qts. of Organic Seed Starting Mix with Bio-Blended Compost. This bioactive blend stimulates seed germination and is so rich in nutrients, there’s no need to fertilize seedlings until you transplant them into the garden!

Our Vermont-made SunLite Gardens employ the latest in lighting technology to give your plants the ideal quality and intensity of light for optimum growth. You can start plants from seed, grow herbs and houseplants, or even try your hand at growing orchids. Our ultra-light fixtures have a slim profile to give plants more headroom. They measure a full 14" wide to direct light downward and ensure even light coverage across each shelf. Inside, there are two T5 bulbs that produce an abundance of brilliant, full-spectrum light. These bulbs use 45% less energy than standard fluorescent bulbs and provide up to 10,000 hours of use.

Product Details

  • Assembly required
  • Standard 3-Tier SunLite Garden is 51" L x 14-5/8" W x 68-5/8" H
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame plus three fixtures, each with two full-spectrum T5 bulbs (included); waterproof trays, casters
  • Two 24-Cell GrowEase Seed Starter Kits
  • 6 qts. Organic Seed Starting Mix
  • 24 wooden plant markers
  • Power strip: Four 24-hour timer-controlled outlets and four switch-controlled outlets, all with sliding safety covers


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