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Modular Raised Bed

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The Versatile & Modern Metal Raised Bed Sets Up in Ten Shapes

  • A modern and stylish take on traditional galvanized trough planters
  • Assemble the bed in one of ten shapes
  • Create a long, narrow planter to use as a privacy screen

This eye-catching raised bed is made from extremely durable Zincalume® steel with Colorbond coating so it lasts up to four times longer than regular galvanized steel. Assemble the raised garden bed in one of ten shapes. For example, create a long, narrow elevated garden bed, and then fill it with tall plants like upright ornamental grass or bamboo to create a "living fence" and visual barrier between you and your neighbors or an unsightly view. At 15" high, the bed requires less bending and stooping when you're planting or weeding. Arrange multiple beds to create a pleasing and productive garden landscape. The no-tools-assembly complete kit includes hardware plus plastic protective edging for the top edge. This long last planter will be a staple of your garden for years to come while bolstering and complementing your favorite flowers or vegetable gardens. 

Product Details

  • No-tools assembly
  • Zincalume® steel with Colorbond coating, plastic
  • 15" H
  • Set it up in one of ten shapes:
  • Create a 80" long x 9" wide bed, or hexagon, diamond, triangle and more

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